Best price guarantee at the Hotel Sonnenburg

Why should you book your holiday directly with the Hotel Sonnenburg? Here’s why!

  • We guarantee the best price by booking with us direct.
  • You are in direct contact with us and our team. Which means, we guarantee you more flexibility, if you have specific requests or would like to change your reservation.
  • We answer your inquiries quickly and reliably, are available at any time, and ensure that you are well informed.
  • In addition, you can choose from our numerous offers and create a holiday tailored perfectly to you.

Decide to book directly with the Hotel Sonnenburg and indulge yourself with a getaway tailored to you! Thanks to the personal services and the reliability of our team, you will be competently taken care of from start to finish. Then you can have your holiday exactly how you imagined it. See you soon, at our Hotel in Merano!

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