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The attractions in Merano and Environs

Is your holiday in Merano coming up and you’re interested in which attractions Merano and Environs has to offer? We have summarised the most beautiful attractions in South Tyrol – in Merano and  Environs for you, so your holiday in our hotel in Merano will be diverse and eventful.

The most beautiful attractions: Merano

One of the most popular destinations in South Tyrol is, in fact, Merano. The historic centre of Merano includes the Via Portici/Laubengasse, Piazza Grano/Kornplatz, Theaterplatz, as well as the four city gates. In the 19th century, Merano became more and more popular as a holiday and spa resort. Around this time, the famous art-nouveau-style Kurhaus was built, as were many gorgeous villas, and numerous historical promenades and walking paths. Spa doctor Franz Tappeiner funded one of the most famous points of interest in Merano: the Tappeiner Trail, a six-kilometre promenade that boasts wonderful views over the city and the entire basin. With a variety of plants that range from tropical to alpine, this walk is a special highlight among the many other sites in Merano.

The time-honoured spa town of Merano has recently developed into a modern spa city. The Terme Merano is impressively constructed out of steel and glass and makes a bold statement especially on the Mediterranean square, next to the Passer River. Those who spend their holidays in Merano should treat themselves to relaxing hours in this spa paradise, one of the most famous attractions in Merano.

The mighty Tyrol Castle is one of the most popular destinations in and around Merano. It towers high above Merano on a promontory and is the ancestral castle of the Counts of Tyrol, whose name has been bearing the entire region since the 13th century. Over the centuries, Merano has gained importance in politics, culture, and art. Today, the castle houses the South Tyrolean Museumof Cultural and Regional History. Changing special exhibitions, classical concerts, and other events provide a diverse cultural and supporting programme.

Tyrol Castle can be reached by taking a beautiful walk from Dorf Tirol. Alternative: A chairlift takes you from Merano to Dorf Tirol and to your destination in Merano and Environs.