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Our hiking hotel in Merano – the Hotel Sonnenburg

The surroundings of our hiking hotel in Meranoallow you to enjoy unique nature experiences and the beautiful feeling of doing something good for your body. That's the allure of a hiking holiday in our hiking hotel in Merano. We can advise you on your tour plans with hiking tips and offer high-quality hiking poles and rucksacks. Especially popular with our guests is the hiking area Merano 2000, whose orbit can be reached from our hiking hotel in Merano in a few minutes.

From the hiking hotel in Merano up to the Mountain World

In the immediate vicinity of our hiking hotel in Merano, there are two popular and multifaceted hiking areas: Merano 2000 and the Hirzer area. The extensive and well-maintained hiking trails are easily within reach. For example, the cable car valley station of the Merano 2000 is just 800 metres away from our hiking hotel in Merano. The modern cable car was completed in 2010 and transports hikers from Merano up to lofty heights in just ten minutes. Once at the top, hike to your heart's desire! Circular and panoramic hikes await you, cosy huts invite you to stop in, and the peaks attract the more ambitious hikers.

Some other lifts are open around the hiking areas near our hiking hotel in Merano:

This is the starting point for beautiful mountain hikes. With the train, you can easily scale the 1,500 vertical metres from the valley to the mountain station of the Hirzer. Trips to the Prenn mid terminal are also possible. This hiking area is very popular with the guests of our hiking hotel in Merano.

Lana- Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch
The traditional cable car takes you to the car-free hiking area on the Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch. If you want, you can take the chairlift from the mountain station to a height of 1,814 m. This is especially nice for families who spend their holidays in our hiking hotel in Meran, appreciate the idyll on the Monte San Vigilio/Vigiljoch.

We are happy to inform you about the many other cable cars and hiking areas in the area of our hiking hotel in Merano!

Hiking with height on a hiking holiday in Meran

If you spend your holidays in our hiking hotel in Merano, you have the choice between demanding summit tours, easy hikes and walks on the promenades, the Waalweg paths, the Tappeiner Trail and the Sissi’s Path. The Waalweg paths extend along the ancient irrigation channels that were created to direct the water from the mountains to the fields. Many of these irrigation channels are still in use and the Waalweg paths are today particularly popular hiking trails - not only among the guests of our hiking hotel in Merano. The high-altitude trails, however, usually lead from refuge to refuge, over pastures and high forests. From our hiking hotel in Merano, you can easily reach the Merano Alpine Path, as well as various Waalweg Paths and other walking trails.

Hiking tips from the Hotel Sonnenburg

Merano Alpine Path

This popular multi-day hike takes the guests of our hiking hotel in Merano around the entire Texel Group Nature Park and offers magnificent views of Merano and Environs. Individual daily stages of the multi-day hiking tour can easily be mastered.

Meraner Waalrunde Circuit Trail

Many Waalweg paths meet in Merano. Together, they are known as the Meraner Waalrunde Circuit Trail. The Meraner Waalrunde Circuit Trail totals of over 83 km and is accessible throughout the year. From our hiking hotel in Merano, you can hike individual sections to your heart's desire.

Maiserwaalweg Path

The Maiserwaalweg Path leads directly from Merano in Maia Alta/Obermais through wooded slopes to Saltusio/Saltaus in the Val Passiria/Passeiertal. The approximately 9 km long distance take 2 to 3 hours. Enjoy this sunny excursion and start your hike directly in front of our hiking hotel in Merano!

Promenades & walks in Merano

From our hiking hotel in Merano, the historic city centre of Merano can be reached in a few minutes by foot. There, you will also find several opportunities for enjoyable walks, for example in the summer, winter, or the Passer-Promenade. A special highlight is the Tappeiner Trailabove the roofs of the spa town. It captivates with its view and the diverse planting from alpine to exotic. The Sissi Trail leads from the Sissi Park to the botanical gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle – a highlight for those guests of our hiking hotel in Merano who adore Sissi.

For more tips on the most beautiful hikes and walks near our hiking hotel in Merano, please contact our reception. We wish you an exciting hiking holiday in Merano, many wonderful impressions while hiking on Merano 2000 and in the other hiking areas!