Terme Merano
Terme Merano outdoor area
Terme Merano
Season start 27 June 2020

Terme Merano

The Terme Merano was conceived by skilled designer Matteo Thun. It is an architectural highlight in the spa town of Merano. Those who seek peace will find their spacious oasis of relaxation here. The sight of the large glass cubes that make up the spa already gives off gives a sense of well-being. The interior is also captivating.  Every detail by Thun was thought of meticulously and it shows. With high-quality materials, glass from floor to ceiling, and sleek design elements, this all create an ambience that invites you to dream.

Terme Merano & their pools

There is a total of 25 indoor and outdoor pools at the wonderful water world that is the Terme Merano – and luckily it is opened all year round. The indoor pool area consists of 15 heated pools, including a large main pool that is 34 °C, a 35 °C salt water pool, the thermal water pool that is 33 °C, a 34 °C warm children's pool, and various whirlpools with a relaxing temperature of 37 °C. If you enjoy water and warmth, you’ll be in paradise at the Terme Merano

During the summer, from May 15 to September 15, there is nothing better for locals and visitors alike than to lay outside in the sun or in a shady spot under the majestic trees at the spa’s park at the Terme Merano. Set out a towel or blanket and enjoy the magnificent season: the bright sunshine, the warmth, the blue skies, and the view of the palm trees standing in front of the wonderful mountain scenery of the Texel Group. Cool off in one of the 10 heated outdoor pools, including a lap pool, a non-swimmer pool, a bathing course and a stream basin. The lily pond which is home to some local turtles is a special treat.

Sweat deluxe-style at the Terme Merano

Attention sauna-lovers! At the Terme Merano, you can sweat happily – at temperatures between 40 °C and 100 °C. The impressive sauna area that boasts a Finnish log cabin sauna in the outdoor area, caldarium with brine inhalation, South Tyrolean organic hay sauna. The three steam baths and snow room, are all an absolute hit, and not just during winter holidays in Merano. Take your time for the different saunas, marvel at the delicate snowflakes that flutter down from the ceiling in the snow room and at the same time strengthen your immune system, a final dip in one of the pools of the Terme Merano or a beauty treatment will make your spa experience unforgettable!

Health & Medical Spa

The Terme Merano is a centre of excellence when it comes to health. A highly qualified medical team examines and cares for people with various conditions such as asthma, food intolerances, weight problems, osteoarthritis etc. The small amount of radon contained in the thermal water of the Terme Merano has a particularly healing power and is used in the inhalations and baths. Relieving pain and allergies, lowering blood pressure and strengthening the immune system of the respiratory tract are just a few of the positive effects that can be achieved in the medical spa of the Terme Merano.

We wish you a pleasant time at the Terme Merano and will be happy to advise you on your visit to this oasis of well-being and tranquillity. Feel the power of the water, gain energy, and leave your worries behind – at the Merano spa and in our wellness hotel in Merano you can do it effortlessly!